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‘Farzy Loko’: Meet the Funny Man Whose Videos Are Taking Over Social Media, One...

Farzy Loko is an alias for Farzam Kazemi, a 32-year-old New Jersey native who looks like he can kick your ass. Seriously. The dude is buff. But his nickname -- derived from the Spanish word "loco," which means crazy -- has nothing to do with his

Persian Entertainment Industry Pays Tribute to Ebi’s 50-Year Career for Manoto TV Special

This past weekend, Beverly Hills hosted the Golden Globes, a celebration of Hollywood's best in film and television. Less than 50 miles down the 405...

Sam I Am: 10 Things to Know About Britney Spears’ New Persian Boyfriend

HE WAS BORN IN IRAN AND CAME TO THE U.S. 9 YEARS AGO. Sam is actually short for his given name, Hesam, which Iranian history...